Lamb & Lemon Soup


After two or three years of taking up space in my cupboard, the book 1 Stock, 100 Soups has finally been put to use! Success! I don’t often cook lamb, it wasn’t until I met my Peruvian husband that I even started to eat lamb on a semi-regular basis (thanks to my mother-in-law of course and her delicious home cooked meals). Chicken, beef, duck, fish, lamb, guinea pig (only when abroad), etc., so many meats prepared in ways I had never tried before. The Peruvian dishes and spices my husband loved and grew up with quickly became favorites of mine as well. It only makes sense that I should start to cook lamb myself!

This isn’t a Peruvian dish, but it’s still delish! It was my first time cooking lamb and my first time making a garnish. Probably because of recent experiments in the kitchen going well, I was excited to work with a new meat. I could have let the soup simmer longer making my meat more tender (my pot and lid don’t seal quite like they should) but it was still good. And the garnish! Oh the garnish! Spiced butter with cinnamon and paprika all sprinkled with mint was the perfect complement to the soup.

I was wondering if this seemed more like a stew, but some quick research on the differences between soups and stews only exacerbated my confusion. I used Google to define each term and basically found that a stew is cooked more slowly than soups and tends to be more gravy like. However, even though this Lamb and Lemon soup is thin, it’s cooked slowly and could definitely be considered a meal by itself or with some flatbread. All in all, I suppose it doesn’t really matter what you call it. The title says soup and tastes good, that should do it!

Unfortunately, it seems that I cannot share this recipe here due to Copyright laws, but you can find this recipe in the book 1 Stock, 100 Soups by Linda Doeser. I bought it for maybe $10 at World Market. Love that store! Love this soup!


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